Certainy Not a Sign of Failure: Great Mate Master Chess!

Great Mate Master Chess

Great Matemaster Mini Juegos isn't just chess, it's chess brought to you in a variety of difficulties and with a massively challenging puzzle mode that takes the chess board and uses it as a venue for randomly-generated puzzle scenarios. Chess with a side of chess? I think I chess might enjoy that.

A multi-faceted masterclass in chess and mini-game variations

The Marmite of Board Games

Is it just me or is Chess the Marmite of the board game world? I have encountered people who absolutely adore the game and fill their spare time with it, and conversely I know many people that despise its very existence.  I’ve never come across anyone that is thinks chess is simply ‘Ok’, just as marmite indifference is also a made-up concept in order for insecure people to feel less insecure about their individuality. Whichever way you look at it, chess is an insanely popular game that can entertain for hours but also bring a grown man to tears. It’s hard to cry about the game when it is made as entertaining as it is in Great Matemaster, a game from http://www.galex.com.ua/  that’s all about the pure, unadulterated chess action in varying difficulties, and perhaps a little bit of dilution in the form of a mini-game containing randomly generated scenarios (explanations to follow).

Chess and Variations Of

Great Matemaster is first and foremost a chess game, that is to say that it offers you the opportunity to play the game as it was intended to be played, with all pieces lined up in strict regulation formation, and all the usual rules of chess being applicable to your game. Though this noble board-sport is the game’s skeleton, the flesh is actually provided by the game’s puzzle mode which offers you the opportunity to play up to 16,000 different variations on chess scenarios across six difficulty levels. If you take this combination of the classic game with chess-based side-puzzles and mash it up with a heavy helping of visual polish and simple but effective refinement in design, then you have yourself a damn fine chess game that has the potential to keep you entertained from now until marmite ceases to be, ruining my initial comparison of the game of chess to the love/hate dichotomy created by the yeast-based spread.

But First, Chess

Love it or hate it, Great Matemaster’s incarnation of the game of chess is a pretty entertaining one, and it is pretty accessible as well. For those that haven’t read up on the rules or simple cannot be bothered to learn the regulations that govern the game, then clicking on a chess piece actually shows you all the possible moves that you can make with it, taking the excuse of rule ignorance out of the equation and allowing novices and pros alike to indulge in some gentle strategic action with pieces of opposing colour.

What, More Chess?

Though chess loyalists may shun the very idea of a side-game that stands adjacent to the main-game action, the puzzle mode actually takes the game and makes it a minimum of twenty four times more interesting, if not more. The puzzle mode focuses on challenging you by giving you one of a ridiculous number of various scenarios to play through, requiring you to get to check mate in a predetermined number of goes or fewer, and all with a seemingly randomly-generated arrangement of pieces in different locations on the board. It may seem easy on the novice difficulty, but try playing on fiendish and getting to checkmate in a 11 moves with some of the ridiculously difficult arrangement of pieces on the board; this is the kind of challenge that reduces men to blubbering messes that are sobbing and crying out tears of their own failure.

Chessington World of Adventures

It’s not powered by ridiculously elaborate 3D graphics, and it isn’t an action-packed set of levels full of fun that will be enjoyed by all, but by god does https://www.minijuegos.com - Great Matemaster have some skills to show off to chess fans. Its look is refined enough make you notice the polish but the game is still fairly simple with a birds-eye view of the board and 2D representations of the pieces, but it has more to offer than games like Spark Chess and the puzzle mode puts it in another league of greatness in checkmateness, which isn’t really a word, but it should be.