Outwit the Competition in Outwitters for the iOS

In this Outwitters for the iOS, you are given four races (called factions) to choose from. As you may have guessed, each one looks unique. From an octopus with thorns to a narwhal that can teleport friendly troops, the variety is pretty good. For those who wish to play strictly for free have the Scallywags at their disposal. If you're willing to shell out a little extra cash, you can also purchase the Adorables Pack, the Veggienauts Pack, the Feedback Pack or all three to unlock some new factions to play with.

Time to Play Favorites

Aside from the big-hitter -- basically, the most expensive unit -- all of the races are mostly the same. The basic units function similarly across all races while the stars can turn the tide of a battle at any moment. A team is composed of five basic classes: soldiers, runners, snipers, heavies and medics. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages to consider, which adds to the strategic dynamic of the game.

Once you've decided which faction to play as, you can then begin to battle with other players. You can test your tactical prowess against players in the same tier through matchmaking and league placement. As this is an asynchronous multiplayer title, it's worth keeping in mind that there are no undos. Unlike Hero Academy's system, every move you make is permanent in Outwitters.

Planning Ahead

You will need to be mindful of how many wit points you make use of as each action has an equivalent cost. Each round gives you five to use on moving troops, spawning backup and, of course, attacking. Using up all your wit points in many small actions can limit your options. Now, hoarding some to use on the next turn allows you to call more powerful minions. It also leaves you open to counter attacks while you wait, so it is a risk you will need to weigh every single time.

The game's balance comes from the advantages and limitations of each unit. For instance, you cannot rush towards opposite corners of the board no matter how fast the unit is. You can have your Runners wait for enemies to come into range while using your Medics to buff heavy hitters or you can move around the board sniping your opponent and leave before he even has a chance to retaliate. if you wish, you can even hoard your Wits and summon your best weapon early in the match. All of these are valid ways to gain an advantage but none guarantee an easy win. You will need to keep your wits about, especially while you're juggling several matches at once as it is easy to forget the tactic you've been trying to set from the start.

Getting in Touch

Aside from its competitive aspect, the social element in Outwitters lies in chatting with other players in-game. However as with other asynchronous multiplayer titles, this doesn't safeguard against people leaving in the middle of a match. It's not all that uncommon to begin a match and have it stop just when things are getting interesting. This is why it's always better to play several battles at once. Although it can sometimes get confusing to figure out what's what or to recall the strategy you were using, an active game is surely preferable to waiting around indefinitely.

Now, the turn-based game play may seem like it's moving at a snail's pace at times but at least the game loads fast. Despite its charming interface, the game won't miss a beat when it comes to being responsive. The graphics are clean and crisp no matter which device you play the game on. We love how vibrant the graphics are and the character designs are disarmingly adorable.

Competitive, Repetitive, and Fun

In the end, your Outwitters experience will depend on the types of players you come across in-game. The game (which has recently launched on Android too) will give you no problems with regard to its technical aspects. The rules for winning are simple and yet elements such as the strengths and weaknesses per unit or having limited wits add a level of depth to this cheery strategy game. Being a turn-based online title, you will need a lot of patience to get the most out of the experience. Master that and everything else will come easily in time.

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